Ogechi Asia

Welcome to the website of Ogechi Asia.

Ogechi is an entrepreneur specializing in multiple fields: business, arts (music and film), and technology.

Business: Competitor Suppression - eliminating or suppressing competitors by reaching all possible legal boundries, giving tech start-ups a bold opportunity regardless being in saturated markets or niches.
Arts: Ogechi, via local contacts, connects promising musical artists with appropriate record labels for record deals. Ogechi is also a music producer and has released some tracks under various aliases. He is working on a new animated web series.
Technology: Ogechi is working on a number of technological projects such as business-to-business software programs, and other innovative technological materials.
Personal life and beliefs:
Ogechi, a positive-minded migrant to the U.S., believes in assimilation. Anyone who goes to another's house must be ready to deal with anything without complaining. If you leave your old country because it made you wear silly shoes by force, then don't try to make your new country wear the same silly shoes you avoided; please don't wear them in your new country! Learn to adapt and assimilate. Otherwise, why did you leave your country?!
Ogechi believes that mutual respect, understanding, and amiability are the main qualities people must possess in order to avoid clashes and conflicts.